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Small fish pond Can Also Beautiful

Small fish pond Can Also Beautiful
                        JAKARTA, - Advances in technology today will not make your difficulty in making the pool, even for a small pool though. An area of ​​2 x 3 meters in front or back yard of your house can be transformed into a beautiful fish pond. To that end, here are some the most important thing you need to consider: - In contrast, the location of the pool not far from water sources, is closely linked to the availability of water for the pool itself and the need for maintenance. - Plan the location of the pool as close as possible to a sewer or water. Make a hole in the bottom of the pool channel with a channel position lower than the pool water. This is because the principle of water will always fall into a lower place so as to facilitate maintenance. - Use the drain plug that is easily closed or reopened. It would be very easy when the water will drain or remove the water because it was too full. You can make it yourself or buy it in the shop building, just adjust the size of the mouth of the channel. - Do not keep the pond with sunlight. Indirectly, the sun is also very helpful in such beautify your small pond. Its rays will make the plants around the pool always looks fresh and fertile. The pool is also not easy dank and claustrophobic. Most importantly, the sun is also needed for the freshness of the fish. - In addition to the supply of water, the source of power intake is also important to brought closer to the pool. Ease the most important power supplies needed by the engine of the water, which constantly rotates to replace the oxygen that is useful for the survival of fish in dalamnya.- Do not use accessories that complicated and too much bulk. Small pool size should be minimal use of accessories, laiknya in a big pond. This is in order to more freely sights focused on life in the pond. The use of plant pots small enough and can be used as an accessory that simply circling along the lip of the pool. - Use cement or stone as the main ingredient maker pond. In addition according to a small pool, this material is easy to clean, easy to damp, and certainly cheaper. - Be prepared to spend your amounting from Rp 500,000 to Rp 700,000. With a minimalist concept of adjusting the size of the pool, this amount is enough. Yes, enough to satisfy your desire to enjoy the gurgling pond at night or spend a moment of free time to feed the small fish in the morning to your favorite and bright at the weekend. manfaat pelangsing green coffee


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