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BPOM Get 22 Merged Product Coffee Strong Medicine

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BPOM Get 22 Merged Product Coffee Strong Medicine

JAKARTA, Drug and Food Supervisory Body (BPOM) find a new modus operandi which is only a few businesses that are irresponsible. From the results of sampling done in many areas BPOM at 56 coffee product in the package, found 22 positive product contains Medicinal Chemicals (BKO). Coffee is no mengadung chemicals, drugs sildenafil and tadalafil. 2nd BKO is generally used to cure erectile dysfunction, said the Head of the Body BPOM Kustantinah, in Jakarta, (25/11/2011). 22 related findings coffee product with the BKO, Kustantinah admitted Body POM had never given marketing authorization agreement on the coffee product. He gave, in principle, the BOK added food products is prohibited. BKO is included also in the group of hard drugs and the need prescription. When also used there must be a provision which would have been about the size as well as the dose, he said. According Kustantinah, ugly effects of the chemicals on the health of these drugs can be fatal. Signs that will arise can vary begin headache, flushing, dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain, sight problems, loss of sexual potency in a permanent way, until death. As a follow up to the findings, BPOM appealed so that people do not consume coffee contains chemicals because the drugs can be harmful to health. We have created a circular letter at the Great Hall of POM in all of Indonesia to do market operations. For a product that has been found, we will do annihilation and express mail rekomendaasi the local Health Department to revoke the coffee product distribution license, he said.


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